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Simple To Use For Baseball & Softball

The Backspin Tee comes with a rubber cone that easily works with Baseballs & Softballs! Simply twist the ball into the bottom of the cone and get to work.

Reveals Proper Ball Impact Location

By only revealing the bottom half of the ball, the Backspin Tee forces batters to focus on the ideal impact zone, unlike any other tee on the market.

Reinforces Ideal Bat & Swing Path

Focusing on the bottom half of the ball naturally teaches proper swing path. This leads to improved ball flight, back spin, and overall distance.

Why Backspin Tee?

Improve At The Plate

For optimal distance and launch angle, you need to strike the proper location of the baseball. By training with Backspin Tee, you will learn to properly hit the bottom half of the ball. This will increase backspin, improve distance, and most importantly help increase overall batting metrics.

Used & Trusted By The Pros

Matt Nokes

Major League All-Star & Silver Slugger Winner

"This is the first tee I have ever ran across that conditions my swing to stay in my legs, which is imperative for a hitter who wants to stay on the ball."

- Matt Kemp

Major League All-Star & MVP Runner Up

"I’ve never seen anything like it. It seems more natural to hit this way."

Alan Zinter

San Diego Hitting Coach

"Love it. We talk so much about being on plane with proper launch angles. This is a great visual before having to swing in a live game."

What makes Backspin Tee special...

How It Works

  • Backspin tee presents the ball more replicable of a real pitch that requires a successful swing plane for clean contact
  • The ball is suspended at the angle of a pitch, exposing the part of the ball that should be hit for optimal results
  • When you hit the bottom half of the ball with a proper swing plane, you automatically will produce a desired line drive launch angle and will achieve proper backspin on contact

1-Year Warranty Included

Shop with confidence. We take pride in the quality of Backspin Tee products and ensure your purchase will last.

ABCA "Best In Show" Winner & Edison-Award Winning Invention

Still unsure? Trust the industry leaders & why they've voted Backspin Tee as a top, new product in the space.

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Order with confidence. Try out Backspin Tee RISK FREE for 30 days. If you don't love it, send it back for a refund.

Start Training Like A Pro

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