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Backspin Tee (Pro Model)

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The Backspin Tee is designed to change the way a hitter looks at the baseball. Practicing the proper location to strike the baseball is essential. For optimal distance, you need optimal backspin; and the Backspin Tee is how you learn to achieve it every time.

Rubber Cone comes with a LIFETIME WARRANTY!

Developed by 2x Silver Slugger Matt Nokes, The Backspin batting tee forces you to focus on the middle and bottom half of the baseball. The middle and bottom half of the baseball is the part professional pitchers don’t want you to hit, because hitting that part of the baseball means backspin, which equals distance, and distance creates champions!

Traditional hitting tees are designed to prop up the baseball on top, forcing you to focus on the top of the ball while simultaneously obscuring the most important part of the ball. The Backspin Tee has no base under the baseball, which means the ball is released off the bat at contact without tipping over the tee, even on mishits.

    • Hand-rolled cone for easy loading
    • Available in baseball and softball models
    • Angle chart graphic on base plate shows proper launch angles for line drives
    • Comes with a 1-Year Warranty and 30-Day Money Back Guarantee
    • Made in the USA
    • Won "Best in Show" Award at the 2015 ABCA Convention
    • Used & trusted by numerous MLB players

    Tee Work Unlike Any Other

    Gain Instant Feedback On Every Swing

    By training with the Backspin Tee, athletes will be forced to focus on hitting the bottom half of the ball. This will:

    • Teach making proper contact with the ball at the ideal impact zone
    • Help develop and reinforce sound swing mechanics
    • Increase backspin and ultimately improve distance & launch angle

    1-Year Warranty Included

    Shop with confidence. We take pride in the quality of Backspin Tee products and ensure your purchase will last.

    ABCA "Best In Show" Winner & Edison-Award Winning Invention

    Still unsure? Trust the industry leaders & why they've voted Backspin Tee as a top, new product in the space.

    30 Day Money-Back Guarantee

    Order with confidence. Try out Backspin Tee RISK FREE for 30 days. If you don't love it, send it back for a refund.

    Backspin Tee Specs

    If you're looking for specific information about the Backspin Tee, please see the spec sheet here! We proudly offer a tee that works with baseballs & softballs, adjusts height to work with all ages, and is lightweight & easy to bring anywhere for training.

    Product Weight

    Lightweight & portable, weighing 16lbs.

    Height Adjustable

    Adjustable between 17.5" to over 3'+

    Sport Applicability

    Comes with Baseball & Softball attachments

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