Two-Tone Smushballs

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#1 Reason WHY these balls are the best on the market.

  • If you DO NOT square them up...they do not launch correctly. 
  • You will use 3 of your 5 senses when using Smushballs.
  • SEE the ball flight,
  • HEAR the contact
  • FEEL IT Off your bat. 
  • You will know instantaneously if you "squared-up" the ball hard or not. Listen to the smack sound the ball makes into the white banner in this demonstration. Every ball in this demo was squared up. You can hear how well they are hit. A few were topped but they were still hard-hit balls.  

• Take batting practice Anywhere!

• Cutting edge technology to limit ball flight - 115' maximum ball flight

• Indoor/Outdoor Use- gyms, basements, anywhere

• Will not damage walls, floors, windows, etc...Ultimate Alternative to Wiffle Balls